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Circle of Sunshine™

Personalized Room Decor

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Circle of Sunshine™

Personalized Door Signs

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The Circle of Sunshine™

We love our life. We love each other, and we adore watching our new friends being born as they orginate from the heart and mind of our creator, Tara. We are created one at a time from this little light that shines inside of her.. this light is her "Circle of Sunshine™". The brighter it shines, the cuter we seem to become!


There are so many of us.. yet there are many more of us in the works and the sketch books that are laying around the Sunshine Factory, the home where we are created. Every day that a new one of us is born, we celebrate.


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Tara Louise Campbell
Circle of Sunshine™

Look around, we have so much to offer! We have an Etsy store that features children's & kids room décor products that are hand-made by Tara such as Personalized Door Signs (great for a teacher's gift too!), Door Hangers, & Picture Frames! 


Keep in touch, because the best is yet to come! Tara is working on her first children's book for Circle of Sunshine™.. just wait to see what she has to reveal!