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Our Creator

This is Tara, the creator of the Circle of Sunshine™. She's thought of herself as an artist since the first time her mother placed a crayon in her hands. Her mom kept encouraging her artistic talent throughout her childhood. She can remember art supplies being one of her favorite gifts to receive. In high school, Tara had an art teacher who was also a huge inspiration for her; she went out of her way to enter her work in contests and taught her to never give up. The choice for her path was clear after that: to BECOME an artist!



Be kind to every living thing.

Circle of Sunshine™

Here she is, twenty (or so) years later. She is a mom, with two children, ages six and nine. They live in a sunny little home in Florida, surrounded by trees and wildlife. All the birds, squirrels and butterflies come visit her at the window where she creates us in her studio.


Her favorite things in life are children, nature, animals and her happy art!